Our accounting services are designed for all single-person businesses, corporations, NGOs, foundations and corporations of any type that require the registration of its operations. We have done work of accounting and external auditing in over 75 companies across all sectors in the private sector and the public sector. We are updated with the latest tax legislation (Da Vinci, electronic forms, new information systems, Newton, etc.). Our company will process all the information you provide and we will submit on a regular basis the following states:

  • Balance Sheet
  • Statements of profit and loss
  • Statement of accounts
  • Journal
  • Ledger
  • Book purchases and sales VAT

In addition, any other statement that you require we will handle the liquidation of salaries, social charges and tax withholdings as required.

Settle the payment of taxes.

We will provide Management and Tax advice free of charge.

Our company has developed its own computer system, which has been approved by Fundempresa. We put at your disposal this system to register your operations at no cost.


Economic indicators, interest rates, Update UFV, Fines for violations, minimum wage.

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Address: Av. Arce No. 2303, Building Torre Idea, Fourth floor, 4D (next to Rosendo Gutierrez street)
Phone: 2214273 - PO Box: 9347 - La Paz, Bolivia