AUDISEM S.R.L. through its administrative training, the constant concern to meet the needs of its customers and provide solutions to them, offers the following services:

  • Recruitment and Selection of staff
  • Advice for start-ups
  • Advice for project entrepreneurs
  • Collections
  • Payments on behalf of the business
  • Advice on acquisitions
Recruitment and Selection of staff

This service aims to give the client a list of personnel selected and can meet the expectations of your company in terms of training, work experience and specific competencies of management. To this end, our company is committed to:

Publish the notice of recruitment in the various communication channels to be chosenPerform receiving resumes and verify the data to support them..

Psychological examinations conducted by a graduate in Psychology to provide us with the psychological profile of each individual potential.

Tests knowledge of the area led by a professional in the area you require.

Tabulation of all data processed to a short list of purification.

Delivery to our clients in the portfolio classified the right people for your business. We understand that the final decision to be made by our customers, that is why our service concludes on this point.

Advice for start-ups

Aimed at those people or businesses looking to create a business and they need information and assistance in procedures that are required. We will advise on the kinds of business based on their conditions and ways of working.

Advice for project entrepreneurs

Our company has the infrastructure, professionals and contacts in various chambers, professional colleges, NGOs, financial institutions and various companies that can help entrepreneurs in their project in all its stages, from pre-to full implementation.


This service is designed for companies that want to do the billing for services and who wish to have better security than those of personal guarantees. We do collections and made the deposit the same in the accounts of our customers by providing reliability and honesty in the process. It also delivers the support of the charges made, the supporting documentation, old stock, and all documents you need. In the case of overdue portfolios and detailed implementation through regular reports of our progress. Another advantage of this service is that our clients achieve significantly reduce the staff assigned to these activities.

Payments on behalf of the business

This service is aimed at companies that require that certain payments are made and / or externally controlled, it also may reduce the risk of misinterpretation and confusion that usually occur when there is a lot of payments to be made. We made these payments and we offer our clients respaldatorios documents, the statement of accounts and documents required. This service is commonly used when the beneficiaries are many, for example in the payment of salaries.

Advice on acquisitions

This service is focused on those people or entrepreneurs who need to purchase a good or service and seeking the highest quality at a reasonable price. We take care to request quotations, to seek forms of transport best suited to the customer premises and if necessary to secure qualified personnel for installation. This work is requested by some companies wishing to import goods in particular.

Finally, we remind you that the training for our company and the demands we have with our professionals, our services are full confidentiality in all aspects.


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